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“It’s a matter of being resourceful,” Marion Moore laughs as she recalls how Taos Tin Works got started. “Ranger, my 130lb dog wrecked all the screen doors in my home. I had to figure out how to save them, so I got some sheet metal, drew on it with felt pens, and then punched some holes in it. The results were beautiful!

Today, Taos Tin Works offers a fresh approach to a traditional Northern New Mexican art form. Moore has taken tin and copper smithing out of the confines of “Southwestern” and into her own expression of rhythm, balance, and energy. The result is a dynamic blend of traditional and contemporary styles, culminating in pieces that are appropriate for all types of decor. Gallery 2

Early Spanish settlers brought tinsmithing to New Mexico in the mid-1800’s. Born out of sparse resources and their desire to create decorative and functional items for their homes, tinsmithing flourished. The art form was particularly abundant in villages along the Rio Grande north of Santa Fe, where each piece was created completely by hand using primitive tools.

Gallery 3The Traditional method of hand tooling is carried on by Taos Tin Works, each piece uniquely one of a kind. Moore’s artwork reflects her personal vision and playful nature, coupled with a trained eye toward composition and textural elements.

Since 1991, Taos Tin Works has created mural scale frames, simple to elaborate mirrors, interior and exterior lighting, chandeliers, candle sconces, cabinet doors, furniture and refrigerator panels, architectural appointments, and smaller gift items such as nightlights and ornaments. Designs range from representational to wildly imaginative; highly functional to purely aesthetic.
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Recent applications of Moore’s skills include homes, offices, historic buildings, corporate buildings, and select restaurants. Her award-winning work is represented throughout the states and in eight countries internationally. She has taken part in many exhibitions, including one show of 25 New Mexican artists in the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution in 1992.

Taos Tin Works specializes in producing utilitarian and elegant pieces for the discerning decorator and collector. Requests for individual consultations are welcomed by the artist who is poised with her staff to imagine the perfect creation for the environment and enjoyment of each customer.


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  1. Hello,

    We would like to purchase a mirror and light valance for our bathroom. We visited your shop in late July. At that time, you told us that the mirror is 32″ x 24″ and the valance is 24″ x 7″. That works for us!We would like to get the process going. When would be a good time to call you so that we can complete the order?



    • Hi Jackie- Great! The best time to call me is between 10 and 5, give me a call at the shop(575-758-9724), and I can also give you my cell phone #. Thank you- can’t wait to make some things for you!

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    • Hi Carole- thank you for your inquiry. I’m not sure which ad you are referencing- can you please give me a little more info? Thank you! I’m happy to help you find what you’re looking for?

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