"World Beat" Sconce & Custom Fancy Long Lotus sconce
Copper Lotus Pendant Light
Copper "Royal Lotus" Sconces
Copper Star Pendant for Tenders Foot Katie's, Taos Ski Valley
Copper Star Pendant Light - Detail
Copper Star Pendant Lights - in Process
Copper Star Pendants in Process
Custom Light Order- Ready to go!
Large Copper Lotus Pendant Light - Detail
Extra Long Sconces for Custom Order
Large Swirling Tin Pendant Light - Custom
"Endless Swirl" Lights - Custom Series
Tin Pendant Lights - Ready for Client Pickup
Zig Zag Scallop Pendant Light
Tin Pendant Lights @ Taos Ski Valley, Martini Tree Bar 2014
New Pendant Lights for Orlando's New Mexican Grill in Taos, NM
"Tucker's Star" Wall Light
El Valentino
Copper Palm Sconces, 22T" x 9"w
Large Copper Palm Pendant Lights in process...with Marion!
Large Copper Fish Pendant Light
Leonor's Cross Copper Lights
Marion working on a batch of Copper Lights
Crisler Cutout Sconce, 22"T x 9"w
Mermaid Valance Light
Swirly Tin Valance Light, 7"T x 24"w