Ziz Zag Fiesta Mirror, Crisler Cut-out lights
Zig Zag Scallop Pendant Light
Zig Zag Diamond Concho cabinet panels
Zig Zag Concho furniture panels, tin
Tin zig zag switch plate cover
Tin pendant lights, ready to be picked up by client
Tin Fireplace screen cover
Tin and Copper Cross on reclaimed wood 2014
Taos Tin Works mirrors and lights
Swirls in process
Square Cross Retablo in the works
Series of Endless Swirl Lights for Custom Order
Puffy heart, Tin and Copper Embellishments on Reclaimed Wood
Paintings on Tin, Metal Embellishments on Old Wood
Muerte Mirror
Mixed Metals Cross on Reclaimed Wood
Mermaid Panel for Furniture Inset
Marion in A Corner of Crosses!
Large Swirling Tin Pendant Light - Custom
Heart Retablo on Wood
Grape Vine Panels for Wine Refridgerator
Grape Vine Panels Detail
Fancy Tin and Copper Mirror with Crowns
Fancy Heart Retablo on Wood
Extra Long Sconces for Custom Order
Embellished Post
Embellished Post
Embellished Post, Marion
Embellished Post, top
Dragonfly Lotus Mirror Detail
Dragonfly Lotus Mirror Detail
Dragonfly Lotus Mirror Crown Detail
Dragonfly and Lotus mirror, Custom
Detail of large swirls in Tin
Detail of Large Copper Lotus Pendant Light
Custom Small Tin Frame with Crosses
Custom Light Order- Ready to Go!
Cross with Tin, Copper, Verde Gris Copper & Old Reclaimed Wood
Copper Star Pendants in Process
Copper Star Pendant Lights in Process
Ziz Zag Fiesta Mirror, Crisler Cut-Out Lights
"I Love You Too Much" Tin Mirror
"Valentine" on Wood
"World Beat" Sconce, Custom Fancy Long Lotus Sconce
Copper Star Pendant light detail
Copper Star Pendant for Tenders Foot Katie's, Taos Ski Valley
Copper Mirror with Fans, Tin embellishments. "Long Lotus" Copper Sconces
Copper "Royal Lotus" Sconces
"Big Happy" Copper Stars for 5 Star Burgers, Old Town Abq.
9 Heart Retablo
Copper Lotus Pendant Light