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┬áConstantly honing my mad metal skills ­čśë

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  1. I stopped by in June and had a lovely visit with the wonderful woman whose name I forget. I am so grateful for your work. I love the materials you use and they speak to me in their simplicity and wholeness. Yours is a craft that I hope will never be lost and I thank you for keeping it alive and interesting in a world that has way too much plastic and glass!

  2. Hi Sarah- I am finally figuring out how to work this blog! Anyway, thank you for such kind words and thoughts about my work- and Thank you for visiting the Tin Works- I hope you will come back another time!

  3. Hi Marion!
    I love the picture of you on your website! I know you visited my mom several years ago when you visited PG. And you phoned me in Alamo, but I wasn’t home. Hope you’re doing well. Just thought I’d check in and say hi! I belong to a facebook group called Pagrovia where people post pictures of PG and it made me think of you. Best, Carol

  4. Hi Marion,
    You always remember me when I bring my visitors at THE SKIES AT TAOS to see your shop and you have even shared information about tools and techniques. I think your work is beautiful! ~~~~Brook

  5. Really interested to know if you are still in business before we drive (or fly) from San Diego, CA to Taos. Please respond at your earliest convenience. We had purchased “Whale” sconces in past.
    Thank you,
    Jon & Maribeth Walz

    • Hi Jon- Thank you for your inquiry, and the answer is yes! Still in business! Would love to have you come by. Do you have an idea when you are coming to Taos?

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